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Get steps to connect your ORBI AC3000 Tri-band Wi-Fi System

How do I setup my Orbi AC 3000 WIFI System

How do I setup my Orbi AC 3000 WIFI System ?

An ORBI Ac3000 router or WIFI System and one or more ORBI satellites make up an ORBI WIFI system.

Activate your ORBI WIFI system by:

  • Launch the ORBI app after downloading it from Application Store
  • How do I setup my Orbi AC 3000 WIFI System

    You are prompted to make a ORBI account when you first open the programmed. You can register ORBI items using your ORBI account,How do I setup my Orbi AC 3000 WIFI System

  • submit messages to the ORBI Community, and get product offers and email assistance.
  • After signing in, select GET STARTED.
  • Scan the QR code on the base or sleeve of your ORBI router using the ENABLE CAMERA AND SCAN button, then tap Proceed.
  • Select your product and the number of ORBI satellites in your system, then tap CONTINUE.
  • Connect your ORBI WIFI System: With the Ethernet cable provided, join the yellow Internet port on your ORBI router to the Ethernet port on your modem.
    Using the provided power adapter, connect your ORBI router to an electrical socket.
    Watch for the ORBI router to power on.
    At startup, the ring LED of your ORBI router pulses white before going solid white. Up to five minutes may pass during this.
    With the provided power adapters, connect your ORBI satellites to outlets in the same space as your ORBI router.
  • Connect to your ORBI router’s default WIFI:
    1. Open the WIFI settings on your mobile device.
    2. Connect to your ORBI default WIFI SSID, which is found on your ORBI router’s product label.
    3. After your mobile device successfully connects to your ORBI router’s default WIFI SSID, return to the ORBI app and tap CONTINUE.
  • Tap NEXT after selecting your ORBI Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password.
    To connect devices to your ORBI WIFI network, use these credentials.
    The page for setting up admin login appears.
  • Choose the admin password for your ORBI router and then hit NEXT.
    To access the settings for your ORBI router, use these credentials.
    Choosing a password that is distinct from your ORBI WIFI password is advised.
    Your ORBI router checks to see if your firmware is up to date.

    This can take up to 5 minutes.

  • Put your ORBI satellites where they will stay for good.
    To learn more about how to position your ORBI satellites, go here.

Troubleshooting steps for Orbi Ac3000 to setup

Try the following if you’re having installation issues:

Your modem and ORBI router should be turned off and disconnected. Restart the modem. Reconnect your ORBI router to your modem and try the ORBI app installation once more.
Use the router’s web interface to manually install your ORBI router if you’re still having trouble doing so through the ORBI app.

ORBI Ac3000 Tri band WIFI system

How do I setup my Orbi AC 3000 WIFI System

  1. A Sync Button
  2. 10G Internet Port
  3. 2.5G Ethernet Port
  4. Reset Button
  5. Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  6. Power Connector
  7. Power LED


WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a security standard for remote systems that attempts to make connections between a switch and remote devices faster and easier. WPS only works for remote systems that use a secret key encrypted with the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security standards.

This type of problem can occur if the extender doesn’t have the latest firmware. Procedure: Make sure the extender is connected to the power connector and plugged
into a live outlet. Make sure that the extender is within the Wi-Fi range of the remote switch and that the client device is connected to the extender.

Reboot the system by restarting the basic switch and extender. Reconnect to the default WiFi system of your NETGEAR extender. Open the Internet browser and run the NETGEAR Extender Setup Wizard again. If the problem persists, reset the extender to the default settings of the processing system

Press the reset button on the back panel until both the Link Rate LED and Device to Extender indicators flicker. This will take about 5-10 seconds. …
Release the button.
Wait for the extender to reboot.
Log in with the default password. The default username is (“admin”) and password is (“password”).
Another technique is the product strategy.

Connect your PC to the extender using an Ethernet connection. You can use any of the five Ethernet ports LAN on the extender. Warning: do not use an Ethernet connection to connect the Extender to a Wi-Fi switch. If you do, the extender will not work because it is only designed for a Wi-Fi connection with a Wi-Fi switch.

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