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Set Up Alexa or Alexa Set Up on Echo, Echo Dot & Echo Plus

I hope your are excited to play Alexa and get replies from your Echo device? But you need to Set up Alexa on Echo devices to accomplish your job. we are really happy to be a part of smart device family by owing the most popular and reliable voice assistance of the decade. 


I hope it really cool for every member to join with your echo device which is not physically present is an warm experience. That virtual voice assistant like Alexa can make you feel along with Echo series devices. Whether you choose , Echo dot or Echo plus; these all work as the best partner with smart devices and the duo can make your life much more exciting.  


If you are a not able to open Alexa App or Echo devices or getting some problem while Setting up your device, then you have hooked up with a right place.

Smart device Setup with all Echo devices is an identical and straightforward job, we will still be explaining the smart echo Setup process in details to make it easy to understand for you. Read this post till last if you are interest in mastering the Alexa setup and strive to live luxury life. 

Simple Step: How to Set Up Alex Echo Dot – echo Best Guide

Step1: Plug in your device and Setup device with a power cord.

Step2: After checking the internet connectivity and wi-fi range with Alexa.

Step3: Download the Alexa App with the latest version on the Smartphone.

Step4: Firstly, open the App.

Step5: Now, the “Add Device” option to start the echo Setup. Choose your option for selecting the language.

Step6: Follow the all-show on-screen instructions.

Step7: All above steps done, then “Apply Changes” button

After properly following the on-screen instruction you will be done with the Alexa setup. Your device is fully ready to begin. i hope It will not cause any problem. If in case it will troubleshoot then just give a sudden reboot and after that, it will not bother you.


Alexa Setup on Echo Device

The first question that always reminds in our mind after getting an smart Echo device is “How To Setup  Echo?” or “How To Set Up Alexa on Echo?” Well, don’t be shy no one know about the new technologies, so a lot of browsers receives this query millions a time per day. 


So let’s move further to learn about How to setup, read the following section carefully so that you can ask your devices to order a pizza for you.  

Did you try to setup  Echo Dot  or do you think this would be a “Low chance” job for you? Whatever, keep every thought aside and just go through the steps given below to set up Alexa on your echo device correctly.

Connecting Echo Via Alexa to Wi-Fi

Mostly the old device gets connected to Wi-Fi manually But incase if you are not able to sync your echo with WIFI then do the following:

  1. In your computer or smartphone; navigate to “Wireless option.”
  2. After that, you see the list of available networks.
  3. Choose your WIFI name by taping on it.
  4. It will hardly take a second or two, once connected you will see a confirmation message “your device is now connected.”
  5. Otherwise, connect your device with your router Wi-Fi setting by selecting your router SSID and entering the login credential.
  6. Once connected Alexa will confirm with the message “your setup process is completed.”

An introduction video will run automatically to provide you an easy and complete guide on Alexa working on Echo.

Now Activate the Alexa by saying ‘Wake Word: Alexa.” If Alexa responds that means you have successfully done the job. You can also change her name or we say wake word but for the time being the other allowed wake words are: “Echo,”  and “Computer. Say “Hello” to Echo, and it will respond back by saying “Hello” to you. 

Now use the Echo in your day-to-day jobs. There are some inbuilt Alexa skills, but you are open to explore and add new Alexa skills as per your need.

Troubleshooting Techniques When facing the Setup Issues in the Amazon Alexa Echo device

  • Make Sure The Power Adapter Connect Properly

  • Please Alexa and Internet Connection Live Working

  • Keep your device Noise Free Place

  • Use the Alexa commands with Clearly Words

  • Ask the Alexa When Alexa is Not Responding

  • Check the Alexa mute Button

  • Restart the Alexa


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